Snow Beautiful

Inspired by Vector Charlie’s Snowshoe Art post. I headed off to one of my favourite places in Whistler for my first snowshoe of the season. There are no open spaces to create the art like in the post link below, but there was plenty of fresh untracked snow. I ride these same trails in the summer on my mountain bike. But they look, feel, and smell so different in the winter. I think the silence that snow brings is one of the most awesome things about winter. Next time you’re out stop and listen. Even the Whiskey Jack that was tailing would get quiet when I stopped to take in the moment. He was far to elusive to get take his picture. But, next time my friend I will try and get your good side. Enjoy the Snowshoe Art article on the link below:

My friend and clarinet teacher Jason Gresl sent me the following, knowing that I have been going wild with my new pair of Winter Walker snowshoes. Clearly, I have miles to snowshoe before I sleep. To wit:

via Snowshoe Art — Vector Charley

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