Under The Weather

<Sigh> It’s been a over week since someone’s plague descended on my immune system to wreak havoc. Besides the normal symptoms of a cold, the sinus pressure I experienced was just really uncalled for. I tried some over the counter decongestant meds that proceeded to  make things worse. They dried my sinus’ so much it hurt worse than the pressure.

Having been in this situation before, I did not turn to a doctor for a prescription that would aid in clearing up what I know to be a sinus infection. My past experience dictated, if you saw the doctor with this complaint prior to a week they would not prescribe meds. The reasoning, it was just a cold and needs to run it’s course.

Therefore, I suffered the mandatory 7 days. When I arrive at the doctor’s office it was no more than a five minute visit confirming that I had a pretty bad sinus infection and was provided the prescription and wished a nice day.

It dawned on me after while waiting in line to drop off the rx, why didn’t I just go earlier and tell the doctor it had been a week. Would I have saved myself a few days of misery and be on the road to recovery sooner? Then I thought why do I have to find a work around? I realize there are certain guidelines and standards that are followed, however does that supersede listening to someone and doing the right thing.

I’m going to make an effort to be present to the people I support and really listen to them and what they are saying. Maybe I can do the right thing, not the easy thing or the standard thing. It might be harder, but I’m going to try.

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