A Confident Intermediate Skier

It was September when I updated my 10, 5, and 1 year goals. My most favourite 1 year goal, is to become a confident intermediate skier by September 2017. Thankfully the season started out with a bang on the snow front and I saw many early season days due to this remarkable snow year. Unfortunately, they were mixed with more snowboarding than skiing.

After a hiatus over the holiday season and 2 weeks with an unrelenting cold I was ready to hit the slopes again. Determined to see some forward movement with my skiing, I watched ski racers on TV the day before studying how they roll effortlessly from one turn to the next. I hit the hill nice and early, did a warm up run on the bunny hill to shake off the rust, then headed to mid-mountain.

After navigating part way down the hill on the green cat track I found the entrance to a moderate blue run. I recalled the picture of the skiers on TV and visualized myself turning as effortless as they do. I was thrilled to realize that I needed a decent blue run to find my flow. The turns felt really good.  I was even able to focus on a few of them and apply more pressure with the middle of my foot to get a little more edge in the hill.

On the next time up, I went for a top to the bottom blue run. I picked one with 2  aggressive pitches throughout the run. I was scared, but not shaking, which was refreshing. I negotiated my way down both steeper pitches, which made the not so steep pitches feel even more gratifying as my turns had much more flow. I did than run over and over until I was tired.

As I enjoyed my lunch and reflected on the days runs.  I couldn’t help but think how a little inspiration from TV that sparked a visual in my head resulted in me believing that I am a confident intermediate skier. I can’t wait to hit the slopes again and work on my confident intermediate turns.




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