We Drove Through This

It really wouldn’t be a winter ski trip without horrible weather to drive through on the way there. Even as a seasoned winter driver of many different kinds of vehicles over the years, I couldn’t help but be a little nervous. We had a 4 wheel drive, and m&s rated tires, and made it through chain control. I can honestly say I have never seen this much snow at once. The night we drove through this in a blizzard , as it snowed over 42 inches in 24 hours.

I’m sure my passengers were feeling just as uneasy or even a little more than I did. I made up my mind to just take my time and focus on getting to our destination. I assured myself and the passengers that everything would be fine. As we climbed further up the pass and over 7000 feet into in the snowy saturated night a calm resolve came over me and I said in my head, “I got this!”

Once we reached the pass it was a slow decent to the village I was doing fine, but I think my passengers were even more nervous just by their comments. I realized that I could not and would not listen to what they had to say. I stood fast in my resolve my head, “I got this.” Upon arrival at the resort many thanks were given for excellent driving. I was very appreciative of the kind words. However I couldn’t help but think about how much words of others can echo in your head to the point you start to believe them. It is dangerous to doubt yourself and listen to others.

So I am glad I listened to myself, took my time, focused on the task at hand and the goal of reaching our destination safely. We drove through that to get to this, and it was spectacular.


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