Rain Rain Go Away

Absolutely and utterly fed up with this cold wet never ending winter has driven me to an unplanned action. I went shopping, focused shopping. Determined to no longer be held hostage inside woefully staring at my bike I took an action. My mission was to purchase a wind/water resistant jacket and bike pants.

I headed to a store with my mission and I tried on a number of brands and nothing was fitting right. Probably 5 or 6 pairs of bike pants and 3 or 4 jackets. I was really getting discouraged and a little claustrophobic in the tiny poorly lit fitting room. I came upon my last brand selection. I was hesitant as I had tried this brand in the past and found it ok, but not great.

I took a breath and tried on the bike pants, and was pleasantly surprised with the fit and feel. Ok things were looking up I could almost see myself ripping around my favourite streets and hills. Next the jacket, hey a great fit and nice colour too. Feeling great about my awesome new find I sought out gloves and and as an added bonus a convertible waterproof shell. I was so thrilled and almost ran out of the store to get back home to put on my new kit and go for a ride.

The sun had come out but it was close to zero with a bit of wind. On my previous ride I froze on the way home against the wind, even though I layered up. It took me 24 hours to get warm again, even after a hot shower. With my new kit on I headed out on my favourite route. A nice 35km ride with a couple of hill climbs, some flats and awesome scenery.


On my first climb I was really impressed with the performance of the jacket and it’s breathability. It moved with me and was soft and cozy inside, yet seemed to wick away the sweat and keep my temperature regulated. When I came around the corner I hit wind head on and noticed that the only spot that was cold was my face. The jacket, gloves and pants were doing an awesome job keeping the wind at bay, while keeping me warm and wicking the sweat away.

I was thrilled with my purchase and over joyed to be back out on my bike. Cold wind in my face I continued up the next hill then down, and finally home. Arriving mildly sweaty, but warm and happy, I looked forward to my next ride adventure, no matter what the weather. I had found my inspiration again.

My next ride would test the waterproof shell, which I wore over the soft shell and it worked like a charm. The pants and gloves also performed very well in the rain, I was a little wet, but I couldn’t tell if it was from sweating or the rain. Women’s technical bike gear that fits awesome and protects you from the elements, thank you Pearl Izumi you’ve done an excellent job! Here’s my Pearl Izumi kit that I wear in rain and cold, from left to right:

Select Barrier Convertible Jacket                                                                                                        Select Escape Softshell Jacket                                                                                                         Cyclone Gel Glove                                                                                                                                     Sugar Thermal Cycling Tight





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