Must Be Spring, My Cardio Sucks

Excited about the one day since the time change it has not been raining after work, I hurried home put on my new gear and headed for my regular weekday training loop. I was thrilled to be back out on my bike along with a decent number of other weather hopefuls.

The first little rise I cranked up my cadence and was doing well until I started breathing heavy for some reason. I figured I was just not warmed up, plus it was a little chilly out, and I had not been on my bike regularly since September. Ok no problem shift down and spin a little more.

When I approached the climb section I saw my km/h drop from 25 to 18 then 12 and finally 9 as I climbed the hill, yikes! When I reached the area most people stop to rest and wait for their friends, I kept going. I was going home, and after only 1 lap. I wasn’t sure I could make around again and feared the thought of getting off my biking and walking up the hill.

However after the super fun descent, and a quick conversation (shut up head), I decided to go for another lap. I usually do 3 laps in the summer, but the sun still sets early and would allow me at least 2 laps in the daylight. So back over the rise, around a few corners then up the climb. My numbers were not any better, but I was satisfied with my effort of 2 laps. On the way home I remembered another blog I read on how to get fast, and I want to share it with you. The next time I head out for my weekday training loop, I’m coming out of the saddle and looking forward to the results. Please enjoy Fit Recovery’s post:

Fit Recovery – How I got Fast


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