So then this happened

On the heels of failure comes victory, it’s up to you how short you make the transition. On our way to starting a business we decided not to, and bought a weekend adventure van instead. Our decision happened in 1 week.

This is our 3rd van, and  smallest van we have converted. Our first was safari bob a ’72 dodge camper van. Tough to start & hard to park with arm strong steering (aka giant steering wheel with no power steering) , and limited distance. I bought the van to get out camping locally. And that exactly what I did and had a great time. Then on our way out to an Easter camping trip Bob back fired & completely blew out the muffler. On the way home, even with awesome gas mileage, we decided to sell Bob & find something else that would take us father than 2 hours drive.

Safari Bob

That’s when we found Steve the 2 thousand dollar van. A dirt brown & beige ’86 dodge camper van. It was stripped down to only the bed frame. But with some cosmetic & practice changes we had an awesome van. We went much furthe 8 hour & even 2 day driving trips in the US & Canada. The gas mileage was atrocious & starting this van took us 4 years to master. Which was pretty much 6 months before we sold it.


Don’t get me wrong we loved steve, but the lack of starting consistency was wearing thin on us both as well as the continual maintenance.  We sold Steve to some dirtbag climber that fell in love with him. We couldn’t have been happier that steve found a new buddy. No sure how long he lasted but I’m sure their adventures were awesome.

For the last 3 years we have been in transition and had some pretty high aspirations.  But that all changed when we decided not to move forward with the business. It was almost the end of our relationship. But then like a Phoenix from the flame we discovered Sam the Weekend Van. We dialed into what we really needed to get away on the weekend, plus meet our current location restrictions.

So construction has started with Sam & it’s a pretty big challenge with a small van, but I feel we’ve got it dialed. Stay tuned for our next blog when we deep dive into the construction.

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